Why we use Habanero Chillies

Let us tell you about habaneros. They’re versatile and unique. They’re fruity, floral, sweet, and bursting with fire and spice. Basically, they’re the whole package. And to that end the habanero is the perfect chilli for our sauces and marinades, adding flavour as well as to pack that fiery punch.  

We believe our Sparky’s Fyahcracker Chilli Sauce and Jerk Marinade should take you on a taste sensory journey. We created our sauce on the back of our mantra…  “flavour, first, last and always”. Firstly our products set the mouth on fire with the warm glow of the habanero chilli, complementing the habanero are the Caribbean spices we use and then the synergy of both create our fiery, warm, spicy products.  

Sparky’s is proudly Australian and we endeavour to use Australian grown and sourced raw products as much as possible. And as luck would have it, habaneros are also grown in Australia. So that’s a win win for everyone. 

Just one last thing….we want to make one thing perfectly clear. Habanero chilis are very hot! And so, you certainly will get that kick out of our products if you’re a chili head. 

Our Fyahcracker Chilli Sauce and Jerk Marinade make great gift ideas for any person who loves to barbecue and wants to be a barbecue hero! Or just simply to have in your kitchen to add flavour and spice to any meal.  

Photo: The Chocolate Habanero from our own tree.

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