The Making of Sparky Fyahcracker Chilli Sauce

Sparky’s Fyahcracker chilli sauce was born at Sparky’s Jerk Barbecue, when die hard chilli fans wanted to enhance the burn on the back of our famous marinated jerk chicken.  

But Sparky’s wanted to create a sauce that was not only hot and spicy, but flavourful. We believe chili sauce should enhance the flavour of the meal. We created our sauce on the back of our mantra…  “flavour, first, last and always”.  

The experience of eating Sparky’s Fyahcracker Chilli Sauce sends you on journey. At first bite, your senses are set on fire with the warm glow of the habanero chilli, then the mouth is awash with spices from the Caribbean and lastly the palate is left with a combination of both, warm…and spicy. All the while never destroying the natural flavours of the food.  

Being our flagship sauce, and in the midst of COVID19 we decide to take our Fyahcracker chilli sauce to the next level.  

Donning our white hairnets and masks we headed to the manufacturing plant to play with the big boys. As a small home grown business, we were on a steep learning curve. But our helpful team food tech team showed us the way,  

To be honest we were a little overwhelmed by the process by seeing our sauce being created and mixed on a large scale. A far cry from the small batches we made ourselves in the beginning. We were slightly conflicted with going “large scale”, but this was the only way to be able to fulfil our dream, and now we are able to take our beloved and popular Sparky’s Fyahcracker chilli sauce to the people.

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